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UUP Oneonta Chapter
Chapter Office
105 IRC
Office hours: M-F 10 am-3 pm (in person Tues & Thurs and as needed, virtually MWF)

Executive Board Contact Sheet

Robert Compton, President

Campus Ext. 3048


VACANT, Vice President for Professionals


Mark Ferrara, Vice President for Academics

Campus Ext. 2427


Maria Chaves-Daza, Officer for Contingents/Academic Delegate

Campus Ext. 3487


Chris  Sielaff, NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist


Dorothy Rombo, Affirmative Action Officer/Academic Delegate

Campus Ext. 2824


William Simons, Secretary/Academic Delegate

Campus Ext. 3498


Richard Tyler, Treasurer/ Academic Delegate

Home phone  433-2452


Loraine Tyler, Officer for Retirees/Academic Delegate

Home phone 433-2452


Geoffrey O’Shea, Grievance Officer

Campus Ext. 3257


Vacant, Membership Development Officer


Gary Wickham, Academic Delegate/Veteran’s Officer


Scott Segar, College Review Panel  Chair

Campus Ext. 3414


James D’Amico, College Review Panel /Professional Delegate


Glenn Pichardo, Committee on Professional Evaluation


Penina Kamina, Co-Affirmative Action Officer/Academic Delegate

Campus Ext. 3894


Linda Drake, Director of Community Service

Campus Ext. 2633


Dawn Hamlin, Disabilities Officer

Campus Ext. 3526


Christine Bellinger, Grants Officer


Paul Bischoff, Teacher Ed Task Force

Campus Ext. 2613


David Lincoln, Professional Delegate

Jeri Jerminario, Professional Delegate

Shirley Clark, Professional Delegate

Betty Wambui, Academic Delegate

Joseph Baldwin, Academic Delegate

Nancy Cannon, Academic Delegate

Ed Wesnofske, Academic Delegate

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