Executive Board

UUP Oneonta Chapter- Executive Board Contact List:

Executive Board Officers:

Shirley Clark- Chapter President  clarksa12@gmail.com  Campus Ext. 2029

Vice President for Professionals- Vacant

Mark Ferrara- Vice President for Academics mark.ferrara@oneonta.edu Campus Ext. 2427

William Simons- Secretary  william.simons@oneonta.edu       

Richard Tyler- Treasurer  richard.tyler@oneonta.edu                 

Gary Wickham- Officer for Contingents and Veterans Services’ Officer gary.wickham@oneonta.edu

Loraine Tyler- UUP Chapter Officer for Retirees  loraine.tyler@oneonta.edu

Labor Relations Specialist:

Chris Sielaff- NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist Assigned to UUP Oneonta  chris.sielaff@nysut.org


Local Chapter-Appointed Officers:

Grievance Officer:

Geoff O’Shea- Appointed Grievance Officer  Geoffrey.oshea@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext. 3257

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer:

Penina Kamina- Appointed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

penina.kamina@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3894

Health and Safety Officer:

Ron Bishop- Appointed Health and Safety Officer  Ron.Bishop@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3198

Disabilities Officer:


Membership Development Officer:

Matthew Unangst  Matthew.Unangst@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext. 3490


Academic Delegates:

Loraine Tyler- Academic Delegate  loraine.tyler@oneonta.edu

Richard Tyler- Academic Delegate  richard.tyler@oneonta.edu       

Nancy Simons- Academic Delegate  cannonns@yahoo.com

William Simons- Academic Delegate  william.simons@oneonta.edu

Ed Wesnofske- Academic Delegate wesnofer@oneonta.edu

Michael McAvoy- Academic Delegate michael.mcavoy@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3533

Penina Kamina- Academic Delegate  penina.kamina@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3894

Gary Wickham- Academic Delegate  gary.wickham@oneonta.edu

Achim Koeddermann- Academic Delegate  achim.koeddermann@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3082

Professional Delegates:

Jeri Anne Jerminario- Professional Delegate  jerianne.jerminario@oneonta.edu

Shirley Clark- Professional Delegate  clarksa12@gmail.com    


College Review Panel:

Scott Segar- Chair- College Review Panel  Scott.Segar@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3414

Aimee Swan- College Review Panel  Aimee.Swan@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  2029

Penina Kamina- Member of 3 UUP Statewide Committees:

Black Latina Faculty and Staff Legislative Concerns,

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Future of Public Higher Education

penina.kamina@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  3894

Linda Drake- Director of Community Service  Linda.Drake@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  2633

Paul Bischoff- Teacher Ed Task Force  Paul.Bischoff@oneonta.edu  Campus Ext.  2613


UUP Oneonta- 2023 Fall Semester Chapter Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 10:45 PM – 4:00 PM.
The UUP office is in IRC  105.  Phone: 607-436-2135
Email: oneonta@uupmail.org


Who We Are-

Chapter Biographies:

Oneonta UUP Chapter

Executive Board Officers:

Shirley A. Clark

Oneonta UUP Chapter President


Shirley A. Clark, SUNY SICAS Center

I truly appreciate everyone’s support in electing me as Vice President for Professionals at the SUNY Oneonta Chapter.  I started my union participation as a Professional Delegate and learned a great deal about what it means to belong to a union, in specific, the Largest Higher Education union with over 37,000 members.

In February 2023, I attended UUP Advocacy day in Albany, which helped in obtaining over 163 million for SUNY.  Advocacy and Lobbying are important ways to for our union to get support for our members economically, socially, and politically.  I will continue to meet with management to secure better compensation and professional opportunities for our SUNY Oneonta Chapter.

In my profession, I work at the SUNY SICAS Center, ensuring that the Financial Aid Products we support Statewide for SICAS Member Campuses function appropriately and address any new changes that Legislation may bring forward.

As the Vice President for Professionals, I am here to hear Professional concerns if you are having any issues with the Terms and Conditions of your employment.  Employees have the right to a Safe and Healthy work environment.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are a Professional and have any concerns at:  clarksa12@gmail.com  

Vice President for Professionals- Vacant

Mark Ferrara

Oneonta Vice President for Academics


Thank you for electing me to the positions of Vice President for Academics and Academic Delegate (2021-2023). My previous work with UUP Oneonta includes serving as interim Membership Officer, Contingent Officer, and Chief Negotiator. As Contingent Officer, I worked with part-time faculty members to resolve problems on a case-by-case basis, raised awareness about the shortcomings of the contingency model, and met with management bi-monthly to resolve part-time concerns. As Chief Negotiator, I helped to finalize the Adjunct MOU and to revise Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure guidelines. My hope for the next two years is to build on that work by contributing to a variety of efforts to improve working conditions for faculty.

As a scholar of literary and cultural studies, I have written five books, including Palace of Ashes (Johns Hopkins UP) and American Community (Rutgers UP), and published eleven single-author, peer-reviewed journal articles. Prior to joining the faculty at SUNY Oneonta, I taught for Kyungnam University in South Korea, Fudan University in China, and Middle East Technical University in Turkey (on a Fulbright scholarship). I directed the Chinese Cultural Exchange Program at Drake University from 2004 to 2007 and was appointed Visiting Scholar in the Department of English at UC Berkeley during the spring 2015 semester.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns. We are working for you in these challenging times.

William Simons

Chapter Secretary


Richard Tyler

Chapter Treasurer


Gary Wickham

Officer for Contingents

and Veterans Services Officer


Loraine Tyler

Chapter Officer for Retirees