Vice President for Academics


Robert Compton, Vice President for Academics

Thanks for spending your time browsing through the Oneonta UUP webpage.  Back in 2002, When I first became involved in UUP, I promised to commit myself to ensuring the cause of fairness and justice.  Over the years, UUP has be central to my professional development.  In that process what most gratifies me is those people- especially at Oneonta and in SUNY- that I have developed close friendships.  The solidarity of UUP at the Chapter and state-wide level connects us to our brothers and sisters throughout the union movement and related causes throughout New York, the United States, and the world.  Unionism is alive and well.

The hospitality of my comrades during my many visits to the Southern African region also demonstrates how unionism transcends race, gender, sexual orientation, and geographic location.  One of our movement’s highlights has been how UUP came together to address the massive flooding that took place during 2006.  President Simons, VP for Professionals Norm Payne, and I played a key role in encouraging and participating in flood relief and securing financial assistance to those impacted.  Our members outpouring of support exemplified what it meant to be UUP and left an indelible mark on my consciousness.

Over the next several years, SUNY and the College will experience severe and many budgetary constraints as the US emerges from its most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression.  This financial crisis symbolized all that went wrong in the financial sector with the need for profit placed over the concerns of the community.  UUP at the statewide and chapter level pledge to do its utmost to be an advocate for higher education.  Higher education, which promotes economic and political empowerment, is one of the most fundamental and noble callings that promotes social justice in our communities, state, country, and the world.

UUP members have been active in the community through their participation and/or leadership in Saturday’s Bread, Habitat for Humanity, College-Community forum, Vision for the Future Forums, Diversity Panel Series, and more.  Our members work with many community organizations, donating their time and money.  Thank you!

I urge our members to become part of the journey for a better community and world.  Please join us in our common pursuit.

In solidarity,

Rob Compton

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