Officers/ Executive Board

If you have any questions about UUP, you can contact any of the chapter’s officers or
members of its Executive Board.


*email addresses are unless otherwise noted. (d) = Delegate

President (d)- Bill Simons 

436-3498   William.simons

VP for Academics (d) – Michael Brown

436-3558  Michael.brown

VP for Professionals (d)-David Lincoln


Secretary (d)- August Johnson

436-3207 August.johnson

Treasurer– Rich Tyler

433-2452 (home)   Richard.tyler

Health/Safety Officer (d)- Ron Bishop

436-3198 Ron.bishop

Contingent/Part-time Concerns Officer– Mark Ferrara

436-2427  Mark.Ferrara

Grievance Officer– Mike Brown

436-3558 Michael.brown

 Membership Development Officer– David Lincoln


Representative Teacher Ed Task Force- Paul Bischoff

436-2613 Paul.bischoff

Representative Teacher Ed Task Force-Elaine Lawrence

436-2630  Elaine.lawrence

Director of Special Events & Retiree Representative-Loraine Tyler

433-2452 (home) Loraine.tyler

Facilitator, Academics & Photographer (d)

Nancy Cannon

436-2160 Nancy.cannon

 Disabilities Officer (d)- Dawn Hamlin

436-3526 Dawn.hamlin

Outreach Representative (d)- Fred Miller

432-3459 (home)

Sentinel Format Editor– Terri Treibits


 Affirmative Action Officer (d)- Nithya Iyer

436-3128 Nithya.iyer

Director of Community Service– Linda Drake

436-2633 Linda.drake

Grants Officer– Kathy Meeker

436-2479 Kathy.meeker

Facilitator, Professional:

(email addresses are )

Janet Frankl (d)

Thomas DeMeo (d) 436-2188

Gary Wickham  436-3049

Facilitator, Academic:

(email addresses are )

Michael McAvoy (d) 436-3533

Kathleen O’Mara (d) 436-2539

Ho Hon Leung (d) 436-2239

Miguel Leon (d) 436-2013

Fida Mohammad (d) 436-2166

Carol Dean (d) 436-3189

Raymond Siegrist (d) 436-2112

Ed Wesnofske 432-6770 (home)

Labor Relations Specialist- Darryl Wood

(607) 786-5742

Other Delegates & Alternates:

Joe Baldwin 436-3517

Chris Bulson 397-9345 (h)

UUP Office   436-2135

Chapter Assistant– Kerry Osterwald

105 IRC

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