daveDavid Lincoln

I have been a proud member of SUNY Oneonta family for many years. I received a B.S. from SUNY Oneonta in 1995. I returned to SUNY Oneonta in 2008 when I took on the Emergency Management Coordinator position on campus. I am a retired Oneonta Fire Fighter. I am also a Fire Instructor for both Otsego County and New York State. I currently serve both the Southern Tier Regional Incident Management Team and the New York State Incident Management Team. Teaching incident management gives me the experience and insight on problem solving and the ability to work well under stress.

My passion for improving campus morale, improving general terms and conditions of employment and encouraging new energies and creativity is the reason why I ran for President of UUP Local 2190 here at SUNY Oneonta. I believe I have the ideas and the motivation to help improve quality of employment and positive change at SUNY Oneonta.  I am committed to Oneonta and UUP, my strong leadership skills, personable attitude, professional judgement and empathy provide me with what it takes to help guide our campus in the right direction for all UUP employees and make SUNY Oneonta a better place for everyone.

The involvement of each and every union member will be essential to our success as no one person can do it all. I look forward to working with you during my time as UUP Oneonta Chapter President.


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