Oneonta Area for Public Education- in partnership with the Oneonta Area Teachers Association, the New York State United Teachers Association , the Alliance to Reclaim Education, and the United University Professions- hosted a panel discussion and speak-out for parents, educators, students taxpayers, and community members. Thank you for speaking out against harmful education reforms and taking action to defend our public schools.

Welcome to the website of the Oneonta chapter of United University Professions (UUP).  

UUP Oneonta encompasses multiple generations of committed education activists, both professionals and academics, full and part-time, and retirees.  UUP Oneonta brings the power of solidarity through its membership in the Statewide UUP, the country’s largest higher education union.  UUP is a member of the 630,000 plus strong New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).  Statewide UUP, working with the chapters, negotiates our contract with the State of New York.  On campus, UUP Oneonta is responsible for contract implementation.  Through the contractually authorized Labor-Management meetings and the Grievance Procedures, UUP Oneonta provides representation for our members.  In addition to contact representation,
Oneonta activities include on-going dialogue with Management, administration and facilitation of several benefits and grants, SUNY advocacy, membership development, College and community service, and sponsorship of social events.  UUP Oneonta also works with Management to protect the health and safety of our members. 
Through our Chapter and Executive Board Meetings, the award winning Sentinel newsletter, surveys, panels, forums, and this website, UUP Oneonta communicate and provides important information and a social venue for our members to come together in solidarity.   Through coordinated Outreach and Advocacy with the community and elected officials,  UUP and UUP Oneonta continually articulates the need for strong and stable funding for SUNY.  It is your union, and the strength of UUP Oneonta depends upon your active participation.
Executive Board members of your local chapter of UUP marched on Albany, three days after the State Budget was released proposing cuts to SUNY, at a time when New York State needs to invest in our greatest asset. Several students were there to hear our message and were appreciative the union was watching out for their best interests.

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    The Civil Service Employees Association has claimed a victory in a decision released Thursday in which the Court of Appeals denied a request for summary judgment in a case involving a group of retirees from the Newfane school district in western New York who are suing over increases in their health care costs, including co-pays. […]
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  • DiNapoli responds to IT criticisms
    In a release from the Office of State Comptroller, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli responded to the Department of Financial Services’s criticisms of its information technology. “The examination report and press release from DFS contained numerous inaccuracies, misleading statements and errors. The fundamental lack of understanding of the distinction between . . . benefit administration functions and […]
  • OMH plan said to avoid layoffs
    Unions such as CSEA and PEF can likely breathe a small sigh of relief while advocates for mental health services are said to be happy with what they hear so far about the Office of Mental Health’s Regional Centers of Excellence Plan set to be unveiled this week, possibly later today. The plan, which has […]
  • OGS worker busted for allegedly stealing gas
    A state Office of General Services building services assistant, who has been with the agency since 2000, has been arrested for allegedly stealing gas from a state pump, according to the Inspector General. Details are here: Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott today announced the arrest of a New York Office of General Services (OGS) maintenance […]
  • It’s‘go home’time at Holland Ave. state office building
    A significant leak, which apparently has caused some flooding problems at 44 Holland Avenue, which houses the Office of Mental Health and Office for People with Developmental Disabilities , has sent the 1,182 state employees who work there home for the day, the Office of General Services just confirmed. The leak appeared to have started […]
  • CSEA wants its ORDA contract, snow or not
    Yes, summer is approaching and lots of skier/boarders have put their longjohns away and taken out golf clubs, bikes or other gear, but a contract dispute between the Olympic Regional Development Authority and the Civil Service Employees Association has continued to bubble along. CSEA earlier today released this decision, which apparently came down last month, […]
  • Comptroller: Agricultural Dept. failed to scrub personal info
    State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, in a just-released audit, found that the state Agriculture Dept. failed to erase personal information, including social security numbers, health information and even photos (the nature of which are not known) from the cell phones, computer hard drives and tablets that some workers last summer turned in for periodic recycling when […]

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