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***If you have membership status questions, please call the statewide membership information line at (518) 640 – 6678 for immediate assistance.***
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Please note that Kerry, UUP Oneonta Chapter Assistant, will have the following time off in June, July, and August:
July 16-23
July 28-August 6
August 12-13
August 20
I will be randomly checking emails and forwarding anything as needed. I will be in the office on the days I am scheduled to work, from 10 am- 3 pm, so please feel free to stop by and see me, masked up of course.
If you need to contact me the best ways are: oneuup@oneonta.edu, oneonta@uupmail.org, or the office voicemail 436-2135.


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United University Professions, UUP, is the nation’s largest higher education union, representing the faculty and professional staff of the SUNY system (referred to as professional faculty in the contract). This encompasses the 29 comprehensive, technical, specialized and university centers of SUNY. The 29 campuses are broken into 32 chapters. These chapters include the campuses shown above, as well as separate chapters for Buffalo Health Science Center, Stony Brook Health Science Center and System Administration.

UUP is Local 2190 of the statewide union, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and national union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

The Oneonta Chapter of UUP represents over 700 employees and 149 retirees. The employees and retirees are involved in many college and community activities. They volunteer their time to a wide variety of community activities such as:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Saturdays’ Bread
  • The Lords’ Table
  • The Pit run
  • Seats on local boards and organizations
  • Coaches of recreational youth sports teams

How do I join UUP?

Active members: click here to sign up online!

To be eligible to join UUP, you must be an employee of the State University of New York and belong to the Professional Services Negotiating Unit (PSNU, also called the `08 Bargaining Unit). Click on the links below to download a union membership application. Fill it out and sign it. The application cannot be processed without your signature.

Click here to be taken to the UUP benefits page where you will find forms and info for the Benefit Trust Fund, Davis Vision, Delta Dental & Retirees.  You can also visit our UUP guides and information tab (click here) and find more useful links

Who does UUP represent?

United University Professions is the largest higher education union in the U.S. When it was formed in 1973, UUP represented 3,500 members. The union has grown in numbers and in influence since then; UUP represents more than 42,000 members on 29 state-operated SUNY campuses and System Administration.

Throughout its history, UUP has acted in the best interests of its members, and those efforts have benefited thousands of UUPers, the SUNY community and the entire state of New York.

UUP would not be what it is today without the commitment and enthusiasm of its leaders and members who spur the union toward greater achievements.

With some 526 job titles included in the bargaining unit, UUP reflects the diversity of SUNY. Members include:

Academic faculty
Student Affairs personnel
Public Relations personnel
Doctors, dentists, nurses and other professionals at teaching hospitals and Health Sciences Centers
Graphic artists
Student recruitment professionals
Educational Opportunity Center instructors
Financial aid counselors
System Administration staff
Student resident hall personnel
Admissions counselors

UUP represents SUNY faculty and other professionals at the bargaining table and works to protect their interests by:

  • Achieving improvements in salary, fringe benefits, working conditions and retirement programs.
  • Providing funding for professional growth and development through leaves, awards, conferences and other grant programs.
  • Obtaining state resources for the State University through effective legislative and political action.
  • Seeking to enhance and preserve the quality of the University.

As the largest higher education union in the nation, UUP is also a source for information on labor unions, state work force and bargaining issues, higher education reform, college faculty concerns and a variety of higher education topics.

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